Custom Homes and Renovations

The 5 Simple Steps of Working with Schrader & Companies


At Schrader and Companies, our goal is to build your dream home. So, we've developed a proven five-step process to do just that. This simple process helps us design and build a home that not only reflects your unique lifestyle but also fits your budget. The result is a home you're sure to love for years to come. Want to know more about our five-step process? Get the full scoop below!

Step #1: Let's Talk

Every great home design starts with ideation. So, it's only natural that our first step is a listening and idea session. During this conversation, we work with you to establish the scope of your project. From space needs to design preferences, each and every detail is identified. This allows us to develop an estimated budget range for your project.

Step #2: The Storyboard Process

With the listening and idea session in the books, we can start bringing your ideas to life. We'll assemble your design team and create a preliminary schematic floor plan. Once your floor plan has been accepted, we'll revise your estimated budget to accommodate the design. At this point, we will also create a chart of allowances to use during the selection process. Finally, we will identify and resolve any code or structural issues.

Step #3: Rendering to Scale

During this stage, we'll create a full set of construction plans, which will maximize the design, innovation, and engineering value according to your budget. To complete the bid process, selections and specifications will be finalized during this step. Before moving forward, we will present you with a final construction agreement.

Step #4: The Big Event

It's time to make your dream a reality! At this point in the process, we'll begin construction on your new home and ensure your plans are built according to your specifications.

Step #5: Happily Ever After

The final step of our five-step process is our favorite. After working tirelessly to complete your project on time and on budget, it's finally time to enjoy your newly remodeled home! 

Ready to build the home of your dreams? Contact our team to get started!